An Epic 9-Volume Enlightenment Novel

by Richard Dietrich Maddox

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Richard Dietrich Maddox

"Welcome to the Remembering Eternity  website. My 9-volume novel takes you on a journey of spiritual discovery and Enlightenment. This voyage represents the highest goal of human life.

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Remembering Eternity: An Epic 9-Volume Enlightenment Novel

Remembering Eternity follows the epic journey of Skylar Seequn, as he pursues his dream of finding that paradise on earth known as permanent happiness. Over the course of the nine-book series, the reader begins, follows, and finishes Skylar's quest.

This remarkable novel stretches across continents and decades, introduces more than 100 characters drawn so realistically that they appear hologrammatic in the reader's mind, and paints pictures of scenery and architecture with the vividness of hallucination. The books begin with the protagonist's childhood, filled with moments of transcendental expansion and bliss interspersed with sudden realizations of the tragic misery of his household. This split between the possibilities of paradisal and hellish existence serve as a leitmotif for the entire Remembering Eternity series.

The reader will recall with pleasure and pain his or her own childhood and adolescence as Skylar undergoes the suffering and enjoys the thrills of his early years. When he first walks through the gates of an Ivy League university, the reader will gaze with him, wonderstruck, at the fascinating Gothic beauties of the campus. The music which so powerfully moves the protagonist will flow once more into the memory grooves of the reader.

Throughout Remembering Eternity, Skylar searches for happiness in those many wrong places where everyone always looks: in the traps of the human senses, in the allure of reputation, and in the excitation of accomplishment. He seeks to rediscover his childhood paradise in the innocence of a lovely, young Dutch girl and in the raw sensuality of a movie-star face surrounded by curly golden locks. He attempts to locate paradise in art: in soothing melodies, enrapturing poetry, and inspiring novels. He tries to find paradise in intoxicants and the dreamy states they induce. But somehow it continues always to elude him.

At last, Skylar discovers genuine, soul-to-soul love, but comes to realize that even interpersonal love, as wonderful as it feels, is not the ultimate answer that he seeks.

Finally, near the end of the series, Skylar comes into the presence of an Enlightened Master, and begins his own spiritual apprenticeship. He then realizes the one true path to happiness.