“The Speaking Sea” from “Remembering Eternity”

“The sea, though mute of voice, yearned to speak to me, to communicate with a more profound tongue mysteries and lessons it wanted me to learn.  Friable cliffs faced the ever-charging vast power of the water like overly brave young boys bracing their shoulders and torsos to meet a great wave head on.  For as strong as rock could be when meeting flesh, it was no match for water that would lap, slap, bang, chomp, and pulverize it into oblivion over the course of the years. On this morning, pot-bellied cumulus filled the sky plains. From the edge of one such cloud, stuck out a rabbit’s-foot shape, drawing forth my mental fingers to stroke it for good luck.  The arched portal in one of the nearby rock formations was backlit and shone as if the opening itself were a structure: a light-house built entirely of radiance.”