“Ecstatic Dancer” from “Remembering Eternity”

“Keats’s sharpest veer from truth, as I saw it, came in his chosen path to what we both understood to be the Unity underlying the labradorescence, the variability of appearance based on vision angle, of dualistic “reality.”  For him it came through ecstatic dance and drugs.  In dance, he claimed, he could discover moments when everyone on the floor with him suddenly moved as one, in a naturally evolved, perfect harmony of graceful flow and gesture.  At such times a fellow dancer would wordlessly ask him “Did you notice that we two are really only one?” But suddenly the spell would break, the unity dissolve, and the perfection, flaw.  The other dancer, it turned out, had really asked him if he wanted another drink.  Had he experienced, Keats wondered, an hallucination or a glimpse of an alternative reality?”