“Natural Wonders” from “Remembering Eternity”

“Angled rock faces formed immense rusty nuggets.  Low, shallow formations could have been Aztec pyramids.  A Parthenon in red ochre stretched far across a mini-plateau.  Talus-skirting fringed great tables of sandstone.  A sphinx figure towered over what looked like an ancient city’s battlemented walls.  One of the most unusual carvings showed a Chinese warrior with his long, thin beard and top-knotted hair.  Paired with this soldier was a helmeted Spanish Conquistador facing in the opposite direction.  A box-shaped, golden-ochre butte had at each of its corners a telamon in the form of a saint with crossed arms and benefic smile.  One skyscraper-sized and pinnacled monolith had wheaten horizontal stripes and must have stood over a thousand feet tall.”