Any words of praise fall far short of doing your work justice. It’s masterful and transported me to other times and places more fully than anything else I’ve ever read."

Dana Lisle

​THIS IS A RAREFIED GEM OF A BOOK! If I could scream from the mountaintops, "READ THIS BOOK NOW," I would!"

Tina Benson, M.A.
Jungian Therapist, Author, San Anselmo, CA

Your writing and critical eye remind me of those of Balzac, Zola, and Proust."

Stamos Metzidakis, Ph.D.
Professor of French and Comparative Lit. Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Genius!  In my opinion you have what it takes to make it big!  You're up there with the great writers of the 20th century."

Ellen Everman
Author of "Pink Dice", Cincinnati, OH

Your writing is lush, layered, gorgeous, thought-provoking and provocative. You have such an immense talent and such a deep rich intuition."

Nancy Gray
Psychotherapist and Mediator, Menlo Park, CA

Richard Maddox is this generation's T. S. Eliot  But his work is 10 times richer and 100 times more positive."

Richard Greenwood

This book is incredibly unique, unlike others you may have read. It is written in elegant language that I found to be very moving. It is structured going alternately forward and backward in time, which makes the book move in an interesting way. The characters almost seem like people you have met yourself in life. And some scenes of nature and urban life are truly beautiful."

Sarah Carlson
HR Manager, Santa Rosa, CA

I read Remembering Eternity and it blew my mind away. The messages about life are so beautiful and profound that they resonate with me. I find myself so awe-struck with your understanding of the cocktail of life."

Sharon Vasillis
Yoga instructor, Redwood City, CA

This work, Remembering Eternity, fits in the tradition of quest literature, what Joseph Campbell calls the 'Hero’s Journey.' It is a fascinating novel, something of a spiritual odyssey, in which the protagonist continually seeks the great prize, enlightenment. The book is well-written and organized in a series of 'Time Zones.' I highly recommend it." Thanks Richard!

Stamos Metzidakis
Professor of French and Comparative Lit., Washington University, St. Louis, MO

​Thank you for the beauty of this masterpiece...for the blood, sweat, and tears that you poured into it; not just in the writing of it, but in the alchemical fires you had to have lived and endured before ever putting pen to paper, or fingers on keyboard. As a writer, my greatest desire is that my words would reach down and touch the bone marrow of at least one reader...please know that your words have done, and continue to do so, with me. I am grateful and humbled.”

Andrea Greene
Writer, San Francisco, CA

These passages in Remembering Eternity demonstrate a depth of understanding of the spiritual life which is vastly superior to even what most 'spiritual' people generally know about."

Nathaniel Evans

What a truly beautiful book!  Thank you for giving it to us."

Arnold Betterman
VP Finance, Boston, MA

As I get further into the work, I realize that its scope is breathtaking. Highly recommended."

Elliot Tarabour

I guarantee that anyone who reads Remembering Eternity from beginning to end will find cogent answers to the important problems that have tormented philosophers and other thinkers for millennia. The series is an epic with a capital E."

Robert J. Caveney
CEO schoolio, Oakland CA

Remembering Eternity contains within its pages the answers to some of the 'big questions' that most of us have grappled with. Tracing the course of a spiritual seeker’s development, as he attempts to find answers in all the usual places, the book leads its reader to deep insights on matters of the greatest importance. I highly recommend this work."

Mike Pfarr
Principal at Crow’s Nest Consulting,   Sunnyvale, CA

In today's chaotic world we all yearn for something different. We are looking for a sign that perhaps there is a permanent reality that is just beyond our grasp. We seek meaning beyond our day to day existence in a world, where value is easily measured in dollars. The author here has done yeoman's work suggesting that this reality is right there. It is something we are innately born with but is lost due to the abrasiveness of the lives we lead. The book gives us clues on how this can be recaptured.

"It is a guidebook into acquiring a unique frame of reference. A frame that may bring peace and mindful acceptance that this artifice we call our lives may not be the only path."

Len Tannenbaum
Attorney, Chicago, IL

​THIS IS A RAREFIED GEM OF A BOOK! If I could scream from the mountaintops, "READ THIS BOOK NOW," I would!

As impossible as it would it be, in the last few moments of our life, to synthesize all the many years of our living into a few succinct and adequate sentences, so too is it impossible to capture all that this masterpiece accomplishes. With the sublime craftsmanship of life's greatest artists, Richard Maddox's book is a painstaking stroll through the human experience. Telling the tale of his hero, Skylar, Maddox rewinds and then fast forwards, and then rewinds again, through the infinitesimal moments that make up a life. But not a life that was lived in pursuit of all that western society propels us toward. Quite the contrary, this hero turns away from the pursuit of fame, fortune, status, and accumulation of material wealth. This noble explorer Skylar, having early in his childhood savored the tastes of spiritual enlightenment, crashes as many of us do, into the failures of our parents to provide an environment that nourishes those tender graces. Instead, Skylar is ripped from the Garden of Eden into the harsh realities of a broken-hearted mother, a philandering father, and a world ill-equipped to nurture the tender soul of the child. Turning away from all that is most precious, the young Skylar achieves, through sheer determination, will, and strength of intellect, passage into the Ivory Towers of Princeton University. There, turning away from the lure of post-graduate success and riches, Skylar embarks on the path towards his own personal salvation towards Eternity and Enlightenment.

But that is simply the storyline of this incredible book. There have been any number of "Hero's Journeys" written throughout time. What makes this particular book stand WAY apart from the pack is two things. First, the sheer determination of Maddox to not use a single word that was not imbued with the elixir of Truth. One has the experience while reading the book, that each word was individually turned over in his hands until just the right one was found to capture the "mana" of the meaning and message. The care and discipline that the author took to deliver his message was itself imbued with the sublimity of the message. But the MOST spectacular thing I could say about this book is that the author's profound longing, like a drowning man longs for air, to impart a path that his readers can follow towards enlightenment is like nothing I have ever come across. Like a new mother who cradles her newborn as if both their lives depend upon it, Maddox has cared for his reader. He has anguished for the right words, wrestled with the demons of his own soul, fought and slain the dragons, pried his heart open again and again against repeated disappointments and disillusionments, not just for his own enlightenment, but for all the rest of us. The truth in the soul of this man is that he loves the reader. He wants for our enlightenment every bit as he wants for his own. And he has fought as valiantly for ours with this labor of love as no other author I have ever encountered.

To quote Maddox himself, "Those who worshipped art thought of themselves less as creators than as revealers; their responsibility lay in allowing the truth and beauty already present in creation to be more readily seen by large numbers of people than it typically was...Such artists attempted to get out of the way and allow the larger universal Nature to reveal itself. These artists pursued their work as if it were a sacred duty rather than a profession...They strove at their art like the miniators of holy texts who worked devotedly in isolation for the purpose of giving the world the fairest possible copy of the Truth as they saw it."

This artist, Maddox, has achieved his goal. This is a book worthy of being considered a "holy text.”

Tina Benson
Author/Psychologist, San Anselmo, CA