“Utah’s Magnificence” from “Remembering Eternity”

“But the finest visual treats were those furthest removed from the travelers’ point of vantage.  In the distance, shimmering in that soft, other-worldly light which dusk sometimes brings, gleaming in palest silver and chastened white, loomed a vast temple structure part celestial and part chthonic: a building of rock reminiscent of Karnak, Angkor Wat, or Konark in majesty and expanse.  This temple, topped by twin domes, could only be entered through a five-story, semicircular-arched gateway.  Cylindrical buttresses extended out from its visible side and a flat-pitched roof covered the structure’s far end.  Graceful twin columns climbed up the building’s left side.  And an unblemished sheet of sky, of the palest gray imaginable, backdropped the colossal creation.